Due to pandemic-related concert cancellations, TRIO ABSTRAKT has developed a desire to present contemporary music in a format that is not, like online streaming, merely a substitute for a ‘real’ concert. Instead, it should be fully complete when viewed and listened to on one’s own computer. Building implicitly on MTV music videos of the 1990s, we seek to launch a project in which contemporary music and short films interact: the New Music Video.

Thus, new short films and new compositions are to be combined in a total of four New Music Videos, each lasting five minutes. Whether a film is given a musical backdrop, derives its form from a pre-existing recording or score, or results from a close collaboration between video artist and composer, is a question left entirely open, thereby becoming an object of the creative process itself. Connected to this are calls for four short films and four associated compositions, together with TRIO ABSTRAKT’s recordings of the pieces and a final online presentation.

Stefan Deistler @ LOFT Köln audio recording (03.11.2021)